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School of Life is a website and knowledge club that aims to provide information about the various things in life that contribute to our happiness and wellbeing.

Here you can learn how to make small arrangements at home or in the garden, how to take care of a pet, how to have a proper diet, how to be happier in loving and personal relationships and so on.

Basically, here you will learn in the “school of life” with the knowledge of other people, that decided to contribute with their knowledge to the common welfare, through articles, Manuals, eBooks and etc.

On our website you will find many free Manuals and eBooks in several languages, and some paid, but at a considerable discount. We also recommend various physical products that are of great use or that can help you solve various problems that may be afflicting you, also benefiting from a special price.

However, our knowledge library is reserved only for our members club. Nevertheless, being a member is free, and you can sign up through our main website: School of Life.

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